4 Reasons Why You Should Support U.S. Manufacturing

May 11, 2020

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

“Shop Local,” all the cool kids are doing it. But how exactly does supporting your local retail compare to supporting the manufacturing industry. Supporting local small businesses reaches further than local retail. The movement and push toward supporting local business is laudable, however, the real heroes ask questions. Where is my “local” retailer getting their product? Shopping local doesn’t stop with your retailer. If we take our thoughts one step further we are forced to ask the question; who am I really supporting with my dollar? Where was this product manufactured? Where was it sourced? Thinking deeper when it comes to “shopping local” might truly be the answer to saving our economy.

When “Shopping Local” Is Not Enough

Ideally, if we maximize all opportunities and provide the necessary support and business for our local manufacturers, US GDP could climb to $3 trillion by 2025.1 We can shape the quality of the manufacturing industry if we remain mindful that buying a product from a store doesn’t stop with the store. We need to think re”source”fully in order to solve the issues for our economy. 

At Vero Innovations it is our mission to provide you with excellence in product development and strategic sourcing and manufacturing. We are proud to support many U.S. Manufacturers by aligning your product development with the right manufacturing team to provide you with an ethical, economical, and excellent product development experience.

Boost the U.S. Economy by Supporting U.S. Manufacturing

The “Buy America” Movement has been cheering on and supporting U.S. Manufacturers since 1998. This socioeconomic push toward creating more jobs for Americans has really been a blessing to many citizens and manufacturers alike. Supporting American Manufacturing as a citizen of the United States is an investment into your future and the generations of individuals that will come after you. Here are 4 reasons to support American manufacturing that all directly or indirectly impact the U.S. and global economy. 

1. Advance Technology

It used to be said that whoever controls the money controls the people. This is definitely still true. However, the information era has brought a new development to this truth. Whoever controls the money AND the information is the super. More manufacturing in the U.S.A. demands progress in technology and innovation. Manufacturing accounts for 90% of all new patents and 70% of private sector research and development. Any time that a developer, an engineer, or an inventor of any sorts comes up with an idea or invention there is an immediate process in manufacturing that begins. From design to finished product a manufacturer is involved. Innovations always begs manufacturing to assist in product development, and in turn manufacturing is always pressing for ways to produce more precise, efficient technologies.

Additionally, the top industries that dominate the robotics industry are the automotive industry, the electronics industry, the plastics industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. Notice any common denominators in these industries? They all rely on manufacturing. Manufacturing electronics, automotive, and pharmaceuticals/medical devices requires a good plan on action that takes multiple manufacturers in some cases. This provides ample opportunity to push progress in multiple manufacturing industries.

2. Decrease Unemployment

America is failing at Reemploying Americans. We provide millions and millions of dollars in relief funds without providing a long term sustainable solution. Promoting American manufacturing is one of the best ways to provide a sustainable, long-term solution that can save many families from poverty and unemployment. One of the most popular topics talked about when it comes to American Manufacturing and the economy is the sheer number of people that are employed. Vero Innovations provides strategic planning for product developers that specifically looks to support U.S. Manufacturers. Over the next decade over 3 million manufacturing jobs will be created in the U.S. With the right amount of support from consumers and businesses, we can increase that number. Providing sustainable income for millions and millions of Americans.

Manufacturing provides a unique opportunity for employment diversity. The push toward technological advancement and high level engineering provides opportunities for people who have high levels of formal education and experience. But more than that, people with no formal education can also have a very stable, good paying job with health benefits. There are few industries that provide this opportunity for people that have close to no previous experience or formal education. Manufacturing is a unique opportunity where the employer is really only looking for one thing: a dedicated worker. U.S. manufacturing provides jobs for a wide range of people. 

3. Improve Customer Relationship & Customer Service

Manufacturing in the U.S. has another aspect that also improves the economy and that is the quality of customer relationships and support. We understand the importance of being responsive and communicative to improve customer satisfaction. In corporate business time and stress are directly correlated with money. Every step in the development process that requires less time and less stress saves the client money. Knowing your manufacturer personally provides a professional, and responsive B2B relationship. Many clients find that the stress and time saved by having a relationship with their manufacturer is more important than the money saved in labor costs by foreign manufacturers.

Clear communication also reduces the chance for mistakes to be made during product development. Mistakes can cause huge complications and incur many costs. The many steps of the manufacturing process provide many opportunities for miscommunication. This can be decreased and eliminated by having a positive, responsive, and communicative relationship with your manufacturer. Having a foreign manufacturer often comes with language barriers, time restraints, and a more elongated chain of command. You, the client, have the opportunity to be more involved in the production process.

4. Encourage a More Responsive Supply & Demand Chain

In addition to all these things, the overseas reaction time is dramatically slowed by shipping time. If you have an increase in customer demand for your product, the ability for your overseas manufacturer to respond timely is inhibited by their lengthy and expensive shipping efforts. You need 20,000 more parts due to an increase in demand? Your local manufacturer could have this produced AND shipped to you in as little as a few days. However, even if a foreign manufacturer could compete with production time, it would still take weeks for you to receive the product. Having a more responsive supply chain creates a more responsive economy.

Lets Support U.S. Manufacturing Together

Create a more responsive economic environment, increase job opportunities for Americans, provide product developers with excellent communication and eliminate manufacturing hiccups, and push America toward being a leader in technology and progress.