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Are you a spirited inventor? Do you need expert advice from manufacturing professionals and product developers? Do you need help developing your product design, organizing effecient sourcing, or procurring a manufactured product? Work with us!

Our Vision

Vero Innovations is solely dedicated to dreamers. We are faithful to procuring product idea to product reality with the most efficient, high-performing sourcing and manufacturing throughout the country. Collaborating the minds and resources of over 10 CEOs of manufacturing companies, we utilize our connections and resources to connect you to your goals.

“Vero Innovations took my idea and helped me turn it into a profitable product!”

Why Work With Us?

A women-owned company, Vero Innovations strives to see the underdog succeed. If you have an innovative concept but are out-of-touch with the knowledge of how to see the concept through, our company is here for you. We work personally with clients and companies to help them strategically plan for their product development. Vero Innovations product development team has been involved in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years. We have resources and collaboration from over 10 different manufacturing CEOs, all with varying expertise. Our design team has extensive engineering background and many years of experience.

What are the benefits of strategic sourcing?

No business is an island, each one exists as part of an expansive ecosystem of customers, competitors, and collaborators. At their core, businesses must generate economic value by identifying and addressing their customer’s needs more efficiently and effectively than the customers could themselves. 

Strategic Sourcing helps businesses like yours source and manufacture high quality products at the most competitive price, while building healthy B2B relationships and achieving optimal growth.


  • Learn from Expert Design Engineers
  • Understand Branding Strategy
  • Explore Sourcing Options
  • Get Manufacturing Connections and Recommendations


  • 30+ years in the Manufacturing Industry
  • 10+ Manufacturing Company CEOs
  • Extensive Design, Sourcing, Prototype and Large Scale Developement Experience
  • Equipped with a team of Engineering and Economic Experts


  • 30 years of Networking Connections in the Manufacturing Industry
  • Minority Owned Company
  • Collaborative with Reputable Manufacturers

Let us Help You Get Started Turning Your Vision Into a Tangible, Profit Producing Product!











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